What Will Be Featured in Your Dream Kitchen?

What Will Be Featured in Your Dream Kitchen?

Call Aacon for professional kitchen remodeling in Dade County, Broward County & Miramar, FL

Aacon Contracting, LLC can take your kitchen design to the next level with top-notch kitchen remodeling services. We’ll design and install a full interior remodel, from cabinetry to flooring. Our team will listen to your needs and create a stunning renovation that will delight you without breaking the bank.

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5 ideas for your custom kitchen

You’ve probably thought about the colors and materials you’d like to use in your kitchen, but have you considered the design as a whole? Here are five ideas we can implement in your custom kitchen design:

  1. Install a kitchen island with a breakfast bar.
  2. Add custom cabinetry with modern handles.
  3. Knock out walls for an open-concept floor plan.
  4. Build a spacious walk-in pantry with tons of storage.
  5. Install granite countertops with a matching backslash.

We can create a mock design so you can see how everything will come together before we demolish your kitchen. Learn more about custom kitchens in Miramar, FL by calling Aacon Contracting at 954-608-0931 today.

Create a Spa Space in Your Home

Create a Spa Space in Your Home

Plan a bathroom renovation in Miramar, FL

If you live in an older home, chances are your bathrooms could use some upgrades. Choose Aacon Contracting, LLC for the job. We can take care of everything from simple fixture upgrades to full remodeling jobs.

Convert a shower and tub combination into a more useful standing shower. Add new tile and a sleek glass door to your existing standing shower. We can also switch out flooring, countertops, sinks, toilets and vanities.

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3 good reasons to consider bathroom remodeling

Bathroom renovations are among the simplest and most cost-effective improvements you can make to your home. You can count on Aacon Contracting’s bathroom remodeling services to:

  1. Increase the value of your home.
  2. Add a soaker tub to your master bathroom.
  3. Install newer fixtures in an outdated half bath.

To learn more about bathroom renovations in Miramar, FL, call Aacon Contracting at 954-608-0931 today.